A-League – Panagiotis Kone (Western United)

Panagiotis Kone (released) leaves the A-League #FantasyALeague

panagiotis kone western united

via The Age:

“It was a bit of a win/win for both of us. He wanted to go home to be close to his parents and family, he has also got a lot of business interests in Greece and he just wanted to go,” Pehlivanis said.

“And he didn’t believe that it was fair to players who were promised X, then because of COVID and all the restrictions to be given [a lesser] X. He just thought he was better off to be at home.

Offered injured or disinterested, its hard to say Kone was anything but a disappointment in the A-League.

He finished with an average of 6.8 fantasy points per game.