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I love Fantasy Sports.

I play in two Dynasty NFL leagues and have played NBA and MLB leagues. I am insanely jealous of the wealth of information and data at the fingertips of American fantasy sports players when it comes to making lineup decisions.

Up to the minute injury updates. Role changes. Stats. They have it all, and its taken seriously.

So why is it not like that in Australia?

I play in two Dynasty AFL leagues, one A-League Fantasy league and one NBL fantasy league. I am forever trying to find injury updates and news on my players but it seems impossible.

Why should someone have to dig 12 pages into Google or Twitter to find out what a coach has said about a players injury? Fantasy players should have that information as a minimum.

That’s why I created this website.

Not as a site that will tell you trade rumours or which coach I reckon should be sacked. There is a million of them.

But rather as a website that you can check before you press Submit Lineup on your team.

I hope giving clarity around sports like AFL, NBL, BBL and A-League it can get fans excited about playing Fantasy Sports again, I know too well how frustrating it can be setting a lineup then realising you got 4 zeros.

I also hope you support the journalists and the sources I link to on here. The information is out there, you just need to know how to find it.

This website was created in August 2019 because I needed it myself.

And I hope other Fantasy Sports players in Australia find it useful.